How to Choose a Levana Video Baby Monitor

Levana baby monitor child sleeps
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Levana baby monitor child sleepsLevana has a wide variety of video baby monitors to choose from. For parents who are looking for a solution to help them keep an eye on the baby, without actually having to keep an eye on her, one of these video monitors is a great option. They can speed up crib and sleep training by limiting the number of times you physically have to check on the baby, as well as prevent you from having to get out of bed to make sure she’s still breathing during the night.

But which monitor do you choose? While you probably have no intention of buying a second-rate monitor, you also don’t need one with lots of extra features. Here are some guidelines to help you choose from Levana’s extensive line of video baby monitors.

Decide what features you do need

Some of Levana’s most advanced monitors will have everything from night vision to compatible apps for your smartphone. More expensive models will have color screens, two-way talk capability, and can act as a night light.

If all you really need is a video monitor with a microphone, don’t buy one of the monitors that has all of these other features. If you do want these features, you’ll probably have to pay more, but you’ll also have a full-featured, functional video baby monitor that you may be able to check from your smartphone. 

Make sure the video monitor provides you with a wide enough shot 

Some monitors are designed just to give a view of the crib. They are mounted on the wall or the ceiling just above the crib. Others can give you a much wider view of the room. While a “crib-cam” set-up is great for newborns and very young babies, who don’t move much and certainly will not try to climb out of the crib, a wider view of the room is probably necessary for older babies and toddlers, who might do nothing but climb out of their beds and try to leave the room.

Pick a high-quality screen

What good will a video monitor be if you don’t have a high enough resolution on the screen to really see what’s going on in the nursery? All of Levana’s video baby monitors are likely to have high quality screens. If you need a larger screen or a more detailed view, be sure to pick a system that promises those features.